The Comfort of Art

The Comfort of Art

Anyone Can Do It!

Art is subjective and anyone can do it. It is not something to overthink or stress about. It is meant to be a destresser and a comforter. The good thing about art is that it can be anything! Art is not just paintings and photos, it can also be fashion, hair, and even people.

Artists can come in all different shapes and forms. Artists can be what someone wears or what they do. The art of makeup, the art of hair, the art of music – it can be anything!

Some scientists say that art first started with Neanderthals when they created art on cave walls using red ochre. This was made over 65,000 years ago. Art has progressed very much since then. Art through the years goes from the Stone Age to now.

If Neanderthals can do it, you can for sure do it!

How to Get Started

The first step is to assess what is it that makes you feel. Is it something you are passionate about? Is it your friends? or family? Maybe go for a walk outside and pay close attention to the little things. After all, it is the little things that mean the most to us.

The second step is to figure out how to channel these emotions through art. It doesn’t have to be a painting. It can be anything you want. Sometimes it can be stressful to take on big projects such as sculptures so you can do something small. As silly as it may sound, coloring can be a way to channel these emotions. It can calm you down. It can be a simple drawing or just taking a photo. It can be literally anything you can think of.

The third and final step is to appreciate. Be proud of your work and how it made you feel. Whether it was good or bad emotions, it made you feel something and that is the most important thing. Feelings are what makes life so beautiful and anything you create can be considered beautiful. So, BE PROUD! Your art is beautiful!

Overall, art helps you appreciate the little things in life. It helps you see what is not easily seen, know what others may not know, and puts yourself at ease when life is stressful. Use art as a release, not as another thing to add to your stresses. So go out and create something unique, beautiful, and YOU!

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