The World of Fashion

The World of Fashion

My Story

All my life, people have always known me as someone that always dresses nice. People saw it as something that has come easy for me, but the truth is, it has taken me years of practice to be able to come up with outfits on the spot. Growing up, I never felt truly comfortable with myself unless I dressed nicely because I was scared to be judged by others. As I got older I started to dress up for myself instead of others because it was something I started to love about myself. Style and fashion are a part of who I am and I am proud of them. I think others should be too.

How to Come Up with an Outfit

I have a few rules I go by when trying to come up with an outfit. One is, never mix patterns. I know this may come off as obvious to people, but I have seen it progress over the past few years with the floral with stripes trend. I cannot stress enough that floral and stripes DO NOT go together. Please. Stop.

Do not mix too many colors together. I usually go by a three colors rule where I only wear three colors that match. There are many exceptions to this such as patterns, but when coming up with solids, I usually try to just go for three as most.

If you are ever stuck on deciding what to wear, looking up outfit inspo on Pinterest based on the style you are going for helps a lot. Sometimes I get stuck on what to wear, but I know the style I want to go for, so I get a lot of my inspo on social media.

Old Trends Coming Back

Everything that happens always circles back around, especially in the fashion world. Old fashion trends have come back and people are embracing them. Fashion statements from the 70s, 80s, and 90s have people going crazy today. Styles such as platform shoes, bell-bottoms, low-rise jeans, color-blocking, etc. Honestly, I am not complaining. I personally like some of the trends coming back, but some of them are NOT it.

Style Comes in all Different Shapes and Forms

Style can be anything honestly. Some people have more of an extreme style and others have more of a simple style. Some people have multiple styles. It just depends on what makes them feel the most comfortable.

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